Tips for building self confidence

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Tips for building self confidence

Long time ago i was eagerly searching for methods to increase my self esteem and to build my self confidence. Even though i found some good tips around still i had to go through tons of useless advices and unhelpful information before i managed to extract a formula for building self confidence that really works.

Since i don't want you to waste your time search for information for years (just like i did) i will present you with tips for building self confidence that are the summary of years of research.

Tips for building self confidence that really work

I am not saying that the following tips alone will make you super confident but at least they will surely give you a strong push in your self confidence building process:

  • Self Confidence building tip #1: Self confidence is divided into fields. You can be very confident at driving a car but lacking confidence in public speaking. Before you say i lack confidence you first need to understand what fields that you need to work on
  • Self Confidence building tip #2: Affirmations never work and they will never will. Your subconscious mind can only accept a belief if solid clues was provided. Saying "i am confident" while you are not while result in feelings of self deception and you will feel worse
  • Self Confidence building tip #3: You must learn new skills in order to have faith in your abilities. Usually we lack confidence because we lack certain skills or because we haven't mastered them yet
  • Self Confidence building tip #4: your distorted perception of reality feeds you lack of self confidence. People who lack self confidence see others superior, themselves inferior and gather false clues that supports their false ideas about themselves.
  • Self Confidence building tip #5: You lack confidence because you have negative beliefs about yourself, fix these beliefs by providing solid clues to your mind and you will feel more confident
  • Self Confidence building tip #6: Find out the things that you don't know how to do or the things that make you feel worthless then learn how to do them perfectly. You won't feel confident before you bust these mythes about your abilities
  • Self Confidence building tip #7: Building self confidence takes time, effort and involves learning new skills. Hypnosis tapes, subliminal messages and quick fixes never work
  • Self Confidence building tip #8: Confident people feel confident because they always praise themselves during their self talk. They look at their strengths more than they look at their weaknesses and they even compare the things that they do well to people who don't do them well in order to feel more confident
  • Self Confidence building tip #9: inferiority results from doing the opposite, comparing the things that you can't do well to the things other do better than you. Two people could have the same skills but one feels inferior and the other confident because of the way they compare themselves to others
  • Self Confidence building tip #10: No one is superior, the people who scare you or the group of people you fear to deal with might be lacking confidence as well. Learn to see the truth instead of a distorted reality and you will become much more confident

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