Signs of low self esteem

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Signs of low self esteem

Self esteem building doesn't take a day or two but its a process that could take months. During that period you are working on building your self esteem you would never want anyone to know that you have low self esteem that's its a good idea to know about the signs of low self esteem so that you can avoid them.

What are the signs of low self esteem

  • Showing that criticism affected you: If you became nervous and replied back as soon as someone criticized you then this won't only show him how his criticism affected you but it will also show him that you have low self esteem
  • Perfectionism: Perfectionism is one of the most famous signs of low self esteem. People who always try to be perfect, to never make mistakes and who follow extremely high standards usually do so in order to cover their lack of self worth. In the Solid confidence program i explained how perfectionism is caused by lack of self confidence and not ambition
  • Defensive gestures: Crossing your arms and your legs is a defensive move in body language. While its normal to take these gestures once or twice a day still taking them all the time shows that you are always anxious and uncomfortable with your surroundings
  • Arrogance: Contrary to common beliefs arrogance stems from low self worth. because the person feels overlooked and unimportant he tries to exaggerate his importance so that he feels worthy
  • Acting superior: Ever met a friend who told you that he never has fears?? While acting powerful is completely normal acting superior is usually an indication of low self esteem
  • Trying to explain your actions to people who are not concerned: Do you know the student who gives many excuses right after giving the wrong answer? because he felt that others thought that he was worthless he tried to make them think highly of him by giving his many excuses
  • Staying silent most of the time especially with strangers: one of the famous signs of low self esteem is staying silent in the company of others. The person who lacks self confidence would prefer to remain silent than to talk because of not being sure whether others will like his words or not

Final words about low self esteem

There is nothing bad about having a low self esteem as long as you are working on improving it.
If you didn't take actions to fix your low self esteem it will become ever lower and you might end up depressed.

In the Solid confidence program i will guide you step by step until you manage to get over your low self esteem and become really confident.

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