I have very low self esteem

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I have very low self esteem

If you believe you have a very low self esteem then cheer up because you came to the right place.
I have helped thousands of people feel confident and i am sure i will help you feel more confident too throughout the advices you will find here.

The first thing you need to do if you feel that you have a very low self esteem is to define low self esteem to yourself. Why do you think you have a low self esteem? Do you fear public speaking? Do you fear approaching people? Do you think that you are worthless? Do you feel like a loser?

Finding the right area that needs to be fixed

The purpose of these questions is extremely important, self esteem is divided into different areas and in order for someone to feel really confident he must fix the fault areas in his life.

These questions will help you find out the area that needs to be fixed so that you can work on it.
If for example you lack self esteem because you don't know how to approach strangers then becoming successful in life, career or studies will never make you feel worthy simply because the problem lies in another area which is social life.

I found the problematic area now what

After you find the problematic area you should work on fixing it so that you feel confident.

Lets suppose that you found that you lack self esteem because you feel anxious around people.
According to psychology, anxiety stems from lack of trust of one's abilities and this lack of trust is usually caused by lack of certain skills.

Thus in order to build self esteem in this case you need to learn various social skills in order not to feel anxious around people. After all if you are anxious because you are not sure of your skills then building new skills will prevent you from feeling anxious.

Once you stop feeling anxious around people, which was the reason you had a low self esteem you will feel that you are worthy and you will feel more confident.

In short, building self esteem is all about finding the problematic area then working on fixing it.

If you joined the solid confidence program i won't only help you find the problematic areas but i will work with you until you manage to become self confident. If your confidence didn't increase as a result of the program you will get your money back.

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