I have no self confidence

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i have no self confidence

One of the common mistakes people who want to become self confident make is believing that self confidence is a generalized trait.

Saying i have self confidence means that you believe that people should either have confidence or lack it but the truth is that people have different levels of confidence in different areas of life.

You might have low self confidence when it comes to meeting strangers but since you are now browsing the web its clear that you have some self confidence in using a computer.

The first step to become truly confident is to find out the area(s) that you have no self confidence at.

Building confidence in these areas

Do you know why hypnosis downloads never help people feel self confident?
Simply because they generalize the treatment method instead of helping people deal with their troubled areas.

Once you find out the areas that you lack self confidence at you need to work on building your skills in these areas. For example if fear people then you must learn how to start a conversion, how to control your anxiety and how to choose the right words to say.

That's a simple example but the concept would be the same in all cases, find the troubled area and fix it in order to feel self confident.

Define self confidence

When i coach people who want to become self confident i ask them to define self confidence. Usually each person gives a completely unique response to this question. To some being confident is being outgoing, to others being confident is learning how to approach strangers while to others being confident is learning how to face life's problems.

Knowing the definition of self confidence according to you will help more in finding out the troubled areas that you need to fix in order to feel confident and become a happy person.

In the Solid confidence program i wont only help you find these troubled areas but i will tell you exactly how to build confidence in each area that concerns you. If you didn't like the program, you will get your money back.

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