i feel worthless and unloved

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I feel worthless and unloved

Do you know why you are feeling worthless and unloved?
Its because you are not getting the treatment that shows that you are worthy from others.

This only means one thing, that your self confidence is 100% based on the feedback of others and not your opinion about yourself.

Suppose that you knew how to browse the web perfectly, will you feel bad if someone told you that you don't know how to use the internet? of course you won't because you will be sure that he is wrong.

The reason you are feeling worthless is that you are not sure of yourself and that's why you seek proofs from the people around you.

The problem with depending on others to feel worthy

If you depended on others to feel worthy then you will have a yo yo like self confidence. if people were in a good mood to treat you well on a certain day you will feel worthy while if they treated you badly you will feel worthless.

True self confidence comes from within, when a person manages to trusts his abilities, skills and worth with disregard to the opinion of others.

Just like you trust your ability to use the internet you can trust your other abilities and so feel worthy even so you aren't being treated very well.

Why you can't depend on people to know your worth

People can't tell if you are worthy or not because they never know everything about you.
They know nothing about your dreams, your values, your inner works and your life yet they judge you.

How can you accept the judgment of someone whom you just met and reject your own judgment?
In the Solid confidence program i explained how you are the only person who knows everything about you and how you are the only one who has full access to your inner world.

Its completely unfair to give someone who has few bits of information about you the right to determine whether you are worthy or not.

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