How to build self confidence with women

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how to build self confidence with women

Lots of people wish to become more confident when dealing with women or the opposite sex in general. I get lots of mails from people who want to become more confident and i usually find them following incorrect advices or trying the wrong approaches.

The main problem that prevents people from becoming self confident is that they work on a different area of their personality other than the one that really needs to be changed. In this article i will tell you how to tackle the right area so that you become more confident with women.

Why Generic solutions won't help you build self confidence with women

Each one of us has his own reasons for not being confident. Some people lack confidence because they feel that they have achieved nothing in life, others lack confidence because they think that they are unattractive while a third group lacks confidence because of the emotional abuse they suffered from as children.

The only soloution to give confidence to those group of people is to teach the first group how to feel worthy, to fix the self image of the second group and to help the third group deal with its past.

That's why Building self confidence is a process that requires examining different areas of your life instead of focusing on generic advices such as "set goals and achieve them" or "treat yourself well".

If you want to build self confidence with women then you must first understand why do you lack confidence when dealing with them.

Do you think that you are boring?
Do you think that you are not attractive?
Have you been rejected many times before and so formed a false belief about your own worthiness?

Building self confidence by fixing what's wrong

Once you find out the reason that is preventing you from feeling confident dealing with it will be the only Solution that can bring your confidence back.

Contrary to common beliefs, being successful in one field won't help you become confident in the other field. for example if you lack self confidence in dealing with women then decided to become successful in your life in order to become confident then this won't work.

All what will happen is that you will find yourself confident when talking about your job or when you go to work but when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex, you will find that the problem is the same.

In the solid self confidence program i will teach you over the period of six months how to build a solid and unshakable self confidence. If the program didn't work you will get your money back, so you will either get more confidence or your money.

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