How to be confident around women

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How to be confident around women

Research has proven that most people change their behavior according to how they think others perceive them. This means that the same person could act confidently around someone if he believes that he thinks highly of him and act without confidence in front of a woman if he believes that she doesn't like him.

This means that the first step to becoming confident around women is to believe that women will admire you or at least that they won't find you boring.

Where do our beliefs come from?

The question is, what determines your beliefs about how others see you?
this beliefs come from your past experience, the media and your society.

If any of these sources provided you with a false belief then you will think that others won't like you and won't find yourself acting confident.

For example if being confident around women was your goal and any of the following happened then you might never feel confident around them:

1) Believing that you were rejected because you are worthless rather than attributing rejection to other reasons (bad past experince that was only caused by your incorrect perception)
2) The media taught you that unless you look like brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie then people wont find you attractive ( media programming). In the Solid confidence program i explained how the media plays a crucial role in affecting people's expectations and self confidence. if you didn't pay attention to the messages you are receiving through the media you might lose your confidence without noticing.
3)People taught you that attractive women are arrogant (society)

any of these situations will let you think that the attractive woman would not find you interesting and so you will never feel confident around attractive women.

How to feel really confident around attractive women?

People could reject you if they were jealous of you, if you look like someone who used to treat them badly, if you appeared to be arrogant, if they judged you incorrectly because of stereotyping or if they have conflicting interests with you.

So if most of the time rejection would be attributed to reasons other than you being worthless then why not act confident around everyone instead of acting based upon their expectations of you?

if two out of 10 people were going to reject you then don't make those two become five by acting without confidence.

In short, the number of rejections you will get will be constant (not because you are bad but because there are lots of parameters that aren't related to you that are in the game) and so it makes no sense to not act confident all the time

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