How can i be more confident

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how can i be more confident

I know that you are sick of hearing advice that never work such as repeat affirmations or accept yourself.
Self confidence is all about trusting your abilities, skills and traits and feeling that you are capable of facing different life situations.

Self confidence can't be built overnight using a hypnosis download or the secret self confidence tape but instead you need to work on building your confidence day by day until you manage to become truly confident.

How can i be confident

The whole concept of self confidence is based upon being able to trust your abilities and skills. If you have never played football before then you are most likely to feel anxious when you try it for the first time, but as you keep playing many times and discover that you are capable of playing well you won't feel anxious any more.

So self confidence is all about developing skills and training yourself on using them until your subconscious mind finds that you don't need to feel anxious anymore.

Use that approach in all areas of your life. For example if you fear to approach strangers then you need to learn the missing skills you lack such as the art of starting the conversation, finding the right words to say and talking without appearing clumsy.

How much time is needed

This is based upon the number of areas you lack confidence at.
After all each one of us has different levels of confidence in the different areas of his life.

In the Solid confidence program i explained how self confidence is divided into areas and that someone could feel confident in a certain area yet lack confidence in another.

the time required will depend upon the number of areas that you need to fix. As you keep fixing these areas one by one you will feel confident more and more until you will become truly confident when you fix all of the areas.

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