How can i be assertive

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how can i be assertive

Self confidence is a nothing but a reflection of your beliefs about yourself.
If you see yourself as skilled, strong and capable you will feel confident while if you believe that you are worthless, helpless or weak then you will never feel confident.

One of the skills that can help you feel stronger and in control is assertiveness. Assertiveness is a way for asking for your rights without being neither passive nor aggressive.

If you kept acting in an assertive way your subconscious mind will find that you are handling many situations well and so it will make you feel more confident. Of course the opposite can happen too, if you let go of your rights many times you will feel less confident about yourself.

Step by step guide to becoming assertive

If you want to be assertive then you must do the following steps:

  • Understand when assertiveness is needed: Assertiveness is needed when your rights are violated, when you want to say no/i don't know, when you make mistakes, when you want to ask for something or when you want someone to treat you with respect
  • Stand up for yourself: Assertiveness is all about standing up for yourself as soon as assertiveness is needed
  • Use I statements: "I can't hear you", "i can't concentrate while you make such noise" . Assertive people use "I" statements
  • Assertive body language: Assertive people use assertive and confident body language. Straight back, shoulders stretchered, both legs planted on the ground , arms not crossed and strong eye contact.
  • Don't be aggressive: Assertiveness doesn't mean that you become aggressive but instead its a way for asking for your rights without appearing anrgy.

Assertiveness and self confidence

Keep acting assertively and you will feel more confident over time
Keep letting go of your rights and you will feel less confident as time passes

I am not saying that assertiveness is the key to building self confidence but what i am saying is that you will never feel confident before becoming assertive.

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