How to build self esteem in adults

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How to build self esteem in adults

Contrary to common beliefs age doesn't really matter when building self confidence. Some people might mistakenly believe that its too late to become confident or that they should have worked on their confidence earlier but these are just myths.

As long as you follow the correct approach that matches your age you will be able to build self confidence at any age even if you believe that its already late. In this article i will tell you How to build self esteem in adults

Practical steps for building self esteem in adults

So you were told to repeat affirmations, to accept yourself and to think positively, right? can only
forget about all of these things you heard and stick to the following:

  • Know what's wrong: Determine the situations where you experience low self esteem and document them. You will discover that you lack self esteem in situations that you don't master
  • Find the missing skills: Ask yourself the question, what skills do i need to master that situation?. Lets suppose that you fear social interactions, the answer to the question in this case might be the ability to start conversations and to control anxiety
  • Learn the necessary skills: Once you find out the missing skills you must learn them and master them in order feel confident in the situations that require these skills to be present.
  • Is their a subconscious resistance?: As an adult you will never have a high self esteem unless your subconscious mind becomes convinced that you are unique and special. If there is anything that is preventing you from accepting these beliefs like believing that you are worthless, inferior..etc then you must deal with this resistance so that your subconscious mind can accept the fact that you are unique and special
  • Don't repeat affirmations but remind yourself of positive facts: confident people always keep praising themselves by constantly reminding themselves of their good qualities, achievements and great abilities. Find your positive qualities and keep reminding yourself of them each time you feel that you have a low self esteem. Over time your subconscious mind will believe more in these statements (because they are facts and not just lies like affirmations) and you will have a high self esteem

Building self esteem in adults and learning how to beat life

One of the biggest challenges that adults face when trying to build high self esteem is being faced with the fact that they are not managing their lives succesfully.

Poor management of life, failure to achieve your goals, believing that you are helpless or defeated are all factors that can prevent and adult from having a high self esteem.

In order for an adult to experience he self esteem he must develop the skills needed to be able to face life successfuly and reach what he wants.

In short, building self esteem is not a process that takes a week or two but its rather a task that gets completed over a big period of time. By finding the skills that you lack, your weak points and the things that make you think negatively of yourself then fixing them you will have a very high self esteem as an adult.

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