How to build confidence in boys

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How to build confidence in boys

Lack of self confidence is the root of many of the problems adults face in their life. Instead of working on fixing what was already messed up its important to learn how to build self confidence in boys so that they grow up as confident adults.

Even the problems that aren't directly related to self confidence can grow bigger because of lack of self confidence. For example poor performance in school can become worse if the kid believed that he is adequate or even worthless

Step by step to building confidence in boys

Here is what you need to do exactly in order to build confidence in boys.

  • A boy is a small man not a boy: How many times do we use the phrase "he is just a boy?" Since the little boy doesn't know anything about his worth he might believe that he is worthless if he was treated like a boy. In short, deal with your little boy as a little man
  • How a little man should be treated: Take his opinion instead of forcing him to do something, if his opinion was wrong then gently teach him the right thing. Don't give him broken promises but instead show him that you respect him. Never scold him in front of others but instead talk to him when you go home or even punish him without humiliating him in front of a large audience
  • Never be over protective: Out of a positive intention lots of parents try to over protect their children thinking that they are doing something good for them while in fact such children grow up with a an intense fear of the world. After all if the world is dangerous and if they were always protected then there must be something really fearful out there that they should not get exposed to (that's how they think about it)
  • Don't compare children to each other: In the Solid confidence program i explained how its really dangerous to compare kid's talents in front of each other because that won't only result in jealousy but it will lower their self confidence. Instead help each child to excel at the things that the loves. you don't have to force both to take the same path, if Sam can draw well then mark might play music well and not necessary draw.
  • Let them develop their skills: Teach your boy that failure is the only road to success , encourage him to try many times until he manage to complete his puzzle or build his Lego. Tell him that any person usually fails few times before he manages to find out what works
  • Don't feed him with your false beliefs: if you believe that no one can succeed or that its impossible to run a private business then keep these beliefs to yourself. The child will believe whatever you tell him and will make it his reality.
  • Never set very high standards: If you demanded full marks all the time, polite behavior all the time or tasks perfectly done all the time then your child might grow up as a perfectionist who feels worthless if he didn't do perfectly, and since sometimes its not possible to be perfect at everything that child will never feel confident.

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