Free self confidence tips

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Free self confidence tips

If you are looking for free self confidence tips then you came to the right place.

The reason why most people fail to become confident is not that they don't try hard enough but its that they come across the wrong information on the web.

Repeat affirmations, accept yourself, say i am confident out load and treat your self well. Does this advice sound familiar? yes it does because its the type of information that you will find in most sites that claim to have a solution for the lack of confidence problem.

As a psychologist who had studied the mind operation for 10 years i can confidently say that these advices are nonsense. If you want self confidence tips that really works then continue reading.

Self confidence tips that really works

  • Get rid of false beliefs: Self confidence is all about the beliefs you have about yourself. Thinking that you are worthless, loser or failure will surely prevent you from feeling confident. If you want to get rid of such beliefs then oppose them, question them, refute them and do actions that helps you prove them wrong. If you believe that you are a failure then succeed once and you will prove to your subconscious mind that you are not.
  • Its all about skill building: If you lack confidence at a certain area of your life then you must build the necessary skills that enables you to perform well at that area. After all anxiety and self doubt is no more than a message your mind sends you telling you that your skills might not be enough to help you out this situation you are facing
  • Fix your flaws: Sometimes a person would find it hard to feel confident because of a flow that he has in his personality. If you dislike your looks then fix your self image, if you are ashamed to be yourself then learn to respect your values and if you feel inferior then read about inferiority complex in order to be able to get rid of it. Unless you get rid of these flaws you might not feel confident
  • Self confidence is built not bought: Hypnosis tapes, subliminal messages software and the ultimate tape for becoming confident won't push your self confidence up a bit. Self confidence is built over time as you learn new skills and prove to yourself that you are capable of going through the different life challenges
  • Learn how to see reality: All recent researches has shown that people feel worthless when they assign exaggerated status to the people they meet and low status to themselves. If you feel that you are worthless you will not see reality but you will see a reflection of your beliefs.
  • Learn how to be assertive: Assertiveness is always associated with self confidence. If you learned to say no, to stand up for your rights and to act assertively you will feel more confident as the time passes

In the Solid confidence program I don't only give people tips for becoming confident but i help them over the period of six months to become really confident. If my program didn't help you become more confident i will give you your money back.

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